Happy Lake - Olympic Hot Springs Hike - July 2005

In mid-July, on 3 sunny, warm days, we 4 hiked this 18 mile loop in a counter clockwise direction. The idea was to gain elevation at the beginning and have a leisurely hike downhill to the hotsprings. The initial elevation gain was brutal though. Roughly 4,000 feet in less than 4 miles. Read on for details.

Evan Gallant
Age 7

Max Gallant
Age 10

Ben Valley
Age 11

Jim Gallant

- Day 1 (5 miles)         - Day 2 (9 miles)         - Day 3 (3.7 miles)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

At the trailhead, before the climb.

From the very first steps, the trail was a steep climb up. Switchbacks, roots, rocks, the works.

Max and Ben taking a breather. One of *many*.

Another breather.

Evan opted for walking in flip-flops part way up the climb. He walked in them for the remainder of the trip!

Max, a bit happier after we reached the ridge.