Jim Gallant's Homebuilt HPV Stuff

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Take Apart Bike
Back to Back Tandem Recumbent Motorized Bike
Frame Building and Alignment Jig
Super Grocer Getter Motorized Bike
Motorized Cargo Bike
Motorized Raleigh 20 Folding Bike - Version 2
Motorized Raleigh 20 Folding Bike
Tall bike
The Kid First Trandem
My original home built recumbent from 1984
My Homebuilt Kickbikes
The Story of Building a Full Suspension SWB OSS Homebuilt Recumbent
Power Assist Project
Mpegs and pictures.
My Back to Back Tandem Recumbent
Joe Kochanowski's Homebuilt Bents
MPEG files of Joe performing crash tests with his Moby bent. Also MPEGs of his two position bike.
Tony's Low Racer, FWD Pharo Bike

Fun Events

Motorized Bike Rally at Ocean Park, WA - August, 2008
The Advanced Transportation Products (Vision Recumbents) Factory Tour
See MPEG files of the amazing JET POWERED bicycle (really!)