Oil City to Third Beach Hike - August 6-8, 2004

On the above date, a motely group of 6 sons, ranging in age from 6 to 17, and their 3 dads hiked the 17 mile stretch from Oil City to Third Beach in WA state.

Evan Gallant
Age 6

Nick Stevens
Age 9

Max Gallant
Age 10

Dillon Hopps
Age 11

Frankie Hopps
Age 15

Dan Stevens
Age 17

Rob Stevens

Fred Hopps

Jim Gallant

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

At the trailhead. Note the rain gear. Same as last year's 7 Lakes Basin hike.

A view of the beach while walking the half mile stretch from the trailhead along the Hoh River to the beach.

Rob and Nick along the Hoh.

Our group, nearing the beach.

Lots of different kinds of birds. Huge brown pelicans too.

On the beach heading north. The rain had stopped at this point and things were looking good weather-wise.