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Lake Ozette Sail Camp Trip - August 2011

I've been building a 17 foot trimaran sailboat for almost two years as of this writing. We launched it for the first time in early August at the marina in Kingston, WA. It sailed well and was comfortable, but needed a few modifications. After making those mods we took it on this camping trip to Tivoli Island. For years I've wanted to sail to Tivoli Island and camp. The lake is about 8 miles long from north to south and about 5 miles wide. A ranger station at the north end of the lake serves as a gateway to the coast with a couple of very popular hiking trails to the coast. There's also a trail to the coast on the west side of the island just south of Ericson's bay, which is only accessible by water.

The marine forecast was calling for 10 to 15 mph winds out of the north for the 3 days that we planned to be there, with 10 to 20 mph windows in late evening on our second day. No precipitation was forecast, so these seemed like ideal conditions. Indeed, we had favorable winds the whole time. Our boat was heavily loaded coming to and from the island. Four guys plus lots of camping gear. This included me (Jim Gallant), my sons Max and Evan, and Frank Kaplan. Paul Gallager joined us via sea kayak after we reached the island. Despite the heavy load, the boat sailed well and safely.

Here's the story...