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Lake Ozette has two boat launch ramps. Swan Bay on the east side, and the one near the ranger station at the north end. Here are Max and Evan setting the boat up at the north ramp.

Frank, Max and Evan.

It only takes about a half an hour to set the boat up, and it's easy to launch with the modified jet ski trailer.

The two large and deep cargo holds were packed full.

Once under way we had light winds with a dead downwind run to the island. Little effort was required to make good headway. We sailed wing and wing for much of this distance. Note the comfortable fabric sling seat and the chilled microbrew in Frank's hand.

Max by the daggerboard, which is in the "up" position.

Heading south.

My drink holders worked famously.

Tivoli Island dead ahead.

Beached on Tivoli Island. I thought I read something about a campground on the south side of the island, so we went around the west side, then the south side, and found that the main campsite was on the north side. With the north wind we ended up on a broad reach from the east headed towards the landing site. The wind was up to a good 15 mph at the time, and we forgot to pull the daggerboard up. There was a bit of a crunching noise when we hit the beach, and the only damage sustaind were a dent at the front and back of the dagger board. The dagger board slot is elaborately reinforced for just this occasion.

Paul showed up not to long after we landed. He had a semi-perilous journey from the Swan Bay boat launch ramp due to the strong winds and swells.


It was a bit chilly in the evenings due to the north winds. We had a decent campsite the first night. Sandy beach, fire pit, good places for tents.

Group shot with the boat.

Group shot 2.

An umbrella serving as a spinnaker for the kayak.

We got the "good" campsite for the second night after a bunch of sea kayakers left on the morning of the second day.

Evan relaxing while we sailed to the trail to the coast.

Max at the helm with Paul.

Paul paddling as we approach the trailhead in shallow waters.
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